Spotlight: Yashika Routray
All photographs by Yashika Routray (2012)

Beautiful eyes!
Self-photograph (original)

Be Funky! Self-photograph (retouched by hc - 2013)

Now that's what I call artistic expression!
This photograph by Yashika Routray (Deepavali, 2012) puts a lot of pro shutterbugs to shame!

Kid sister Litti enjoys a sparkler with Dad!
Another great artistic photograph (Deepavali, 2012).

Up close and personal!
A close-up of kid sister, Litti.
And yet another artistic photograph!

Big sister is watching, Litti!

Yashika captures the light as it shines through the tall window onto the stairs.

A beautiful expression of teenage angst

Yashika Routray is a budding photographer. She studies in Std. XI (2012-13) in Kendriya Vidyalaya, Jaipur.
Making do with a cellphone for a "camera", Yashika's ambition is to turn her hobby into a profession.
I wish her all the best! Go for it, girl! God bless!
It's 2015 and Yashika is in college, 2nd year, Mass Communication! Go, girl! All the best!

It's 2017 and Yashika is done with college! Yep, that's right! Yashika is getting ready to fly off into the wide blue yonder to pursue her dreams!
All the very, very, best! God bless!